What is this odd thing my puppy pooped?

Asked November 15, 2015, 11:23 PM EST

My six month old male puppy pooped out a 6-inch or longer 2/3 translucent, worm-shaped object that doesn't seem to be a worm. I've looked at so many pictures and can't find anything that looks like it. There was no poop, just this unknown thing that wasn't moving. He has been acting normal, both before and after, and has plenty of energy.
My vet treated him for worms, but I'm concerned because it doesn't look like any worm I've looked at. Please help!! Thanks!

St. Louis Missouri

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It appears to be a tapeworm. Even though your vet may have given him a dewormer, not all dewormers take care of tapeworms. You need to use a dewormer that includes praziqauntel as the active drug. You can either make a nother visit to your vet or you can find products over the counter at a pet store. A good choice for over the counter dewormer for tapeworms is Drontal. I recommend you at least speaking to your vet first to see if the dewormer they used should have treated tapeworms. You may see more tapeworms in your dogs feces or around his rearend. A lot of times tapeworms will come out in segments instead of a long piece like the one you have pictured. They will often look like graind of rice or sesame seeds.