Finding a College and It's Prospects?

Asked November 15, 2015, 8:02 AM EST

Hi There

I got my B.A Degree back in India in Journalism, English Literature and Animation. As I started looking for a job with no interest in studying further at that time, I got a job in the field of Sport Management which was a start-up company. This intrigued me further and the prospect of working in this field always kept me on my toes. After completing a year in this job, I got the opportunity to work in Dubai for a reputed Event Management Company. I have another 1.5 years to complete my contract, but Dubai is not the place that I want to be in. I was thinking about doing a further study in the field of Sport/Event Management maybe in the US, Canada or Europe. Saying this, I have no clue on which college I should choose or if this course is really needed for me to have a better prospect. Also, if the college I study from would create an opportunity for me to get a full time job in the same field.
Could you help me in this? It would be great.
Thanks in Advance


Outside United States

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Good Day Nashvin, I've shared your question with others who I trust will be better able to assist you. The University of the Virgin Islands, where I am, has a B.A. Degree available in the area you mentioned, but nothing further. Though our student radio station ( seems like it would've been ideal for your interest in Journalism/Sports Management, I'm thinking another institution that can accommodate your professional goals would be better suited for you. I hope you're able to find a good fit!