Spots on rubber plant leaves

Asked November 13, 2015, 11:44 AM EST

I have a rubber plant that spent the summer outside. Toward the end of summer, it got all of these tiny, rounded spots on the leaves. The spots are black, they are on the tops and undersides of the leaves, and i can scrape them off with my finger. The spots are also on the stems. None of the new leaves that have unfolded since bringing the plant inside have these spots. Can you tell me what they are? How do i get rid of them if i need to? Thanks!

Howard County Maryland

2 Responses

Based on your photos the black spots look like possible artillery fungus. This is a type of fungus that usually grows on mulch but is usually noticed on houses, cars, and plants. Look at the link from Penn State to see if this is the problem

The spots will most likely drop off on their own. If you can gently remove the spots with a soft rag that would be okay. We do not recommend a chemical control. mh

Thank you! I think that's exactly it. I went to look outside near where the plant had been, and I can see the artillery fungus on the porch and siding there too.

Thanks for your help!!