Roadside Ditch

Asked November 13, 2015, 8:55 AM EST

Dear HGIC, Phillips Wharf Environmental Center recently completed a roadside ditch restoration for the purpose of storm water management at its Oyster House site, Tilghman, MD. We are looking for a brief publication that we can provide to visitors as an education tool for this storm water management technique. I did not see anything on your publication list and was wondering if you are aware of any material like this. Thanks very much. George

Talbot County Maryland

1 Response

We do not have a pamphlet on ditch restoration, or know of one.

Here is a good site that has fact sheets: Under "Fact sheets", they have several topics under the heading of "Stormwater management practices" which may include information you are looking for, though not appropriate for the public as it is. You may be able to use that info, however, to fashion your own pamphlet.

The Watershet Restoration Specialist for Talbot County is Eric Buehl. He may be your best resource for someone aware of a pamphlet matching your needs. You can reach him at