What is this plant?

Asked November 11, 2015, 6:06 PM EST

Can you ou please tell me what you his and how to care for it?


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Can you help me with a little more information and history on the plant? The plant looks like it has been pruned and recently defoliated by the appearance of very few leaves which make it difficult to identify. Is this the standard appearance and have you seen any flowers, if so what color?

I live on n Reno. This plant was here - on a shaded patio - when we moved in. I moved it inside to an east facing window in Oct. since then it's grown a few more leaves. I have not seen any flowers. It has white sap, like a rubber tree.

I am still working on this. I have a few colleagues that will be back after Thanksgiving that work with houseplants and I am hoping they will be able to help me with the identification.

Thanks. I'm curious - and hope your colleagues can help! Let me know if you need more photos.

We have an answer. Euphorbia tirucalli (aka pencil cactus (not a cactus), pencil tree, sticks of fire (grown in the southwestern desert it turns bright red), or fire plant).
As the plant matures it has very few if any leaves. Here is an information sheet to give you more details.


Thanks for the information and the link to the very informative article. I'll certainly be careful to avoid the sap! The article didn't answer my second question - how to care for the plant - but I did a google search and found what I needed. Thanks for your diligence in researching this!