Cutting back plants & shrubs

Asked November 11, 2015, 1:19 PM EST

Should Butterfly Bushes be cut back or trimmed in the Fall? How much should Liriope be cut back and when?

Baltimore County Maryland

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It is usually appropriate to prune back butterfly bushes annually since they grow so prolifically. Don't hesitate to cut them back as much as desired. If you wish to maintain a certain shape or size, you can retain some branches to accommodate that plan. Many people simply cut the entire shrub back to 2-3 foot stumps.
Liriope is usually evergreen through most of the winter and yellows in late winter / early spring, at which time it can be cut back to the crown. It is also appropriate to lift and thin out a bed of liriope every two or three years. This, too, is best done in the spring. When the plants become too thick with foliage there is a greater chance for fungal problems on the foliage.