Mosquitoes & Fleas in the Suburban Yard

Asked November 10, 2015, 2:38 PM EST

I am very sensitive to chemicals, as are my indoor cats. What can we put on the yard next spring to kill the mosquitoes and fleas before they mature that won't make us sick? I have read about ladybugs and nematodes. Thank you. Kim Ball 40216

Jefferson County Kentucky

1 Response

Fleas will not survive outdoors in Kentucky so there is no need to treat outdoors for them. If your cats have fleas, wash their bedding and consider using diatomaceous earth (DE) for to treat areas described on the product label. This product is not for use directly on pets.

Mosquito problems can be reduced by eliminating standing water around the home and treat standing water that cannot eliminated with Mosquito Dunks or a similar product that contains Bti. Mosquito dunks and donuts are widely available from stores in the summer.