Leaves for mulch

Asked November 10, 2015, 1:12 PM EST

Where do you get leaves for mulch in the city of Erie?

Erie County Pennsylvania

1 Response

There are several listed sources for free compost in your county, and I would assume they would also have us composted leaves available if that is what you desire. The sources are: ERIE COUNTY: City of Erie Phone: (814)-870-1255 Product: Compost (200 yards3 per year) Edinboro, S Perry Ln- Frank Tucci (owner of property) Phone: (814)-734-1812 Harborcreek Township Phone: (814)-825-8588 / 1-800-458-0476 Waterford Borough, W 2nd St Area Phone: (814)-796-2633 You might also want to check with your local extension office for additional resources. Hope this helps!