I am wondering if you can tell me the best way to overwinter my artichoke...

Asked November 9, 2015, 9:35 AM EST

I am wondering if you can tell me the best way to overwinter my artichoke plants? I live in zip code 57356, zone 5. Thank you and have a great day. Tracy Pesicka

Charles Mix County South Dakota

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This cool-season perennial prized for its flavorful “hearts” is normally hardy to Zone 6 if well mulched, and occasionally Zone 5 during mild winters. Here in South Dakota, our weather is typically more that of a Zone 3-4. You will need to consider the artichoke as an annual when grown anywhere in the state.

Thank you for your answer. I did some more checking and there is a person in Alaska that overwinters artichokes. I am in zone 5 in SD. I have read where several people in zone 5 were able to overwinter them. I am going to try it. They are planted in black plastic mulch, and the ground doesn't freeze under that, plus I cut them back and put tons of straw on them. Wish me luck. Spring will tell. Tracy

Well, I hope this does work for you. Also, in the spring be careful not to uncover the plant too early, or you may have to recover to protect it from some of the early frosts, especially if it starts to grow too early in the season.

Thank you Connie. If I think about it, I'll e-mail in the spring to let you know if it worked or not. Have a great winter. Tracy