2 questions re: money tree

Asked November 8, 2015, 11:17 PM EST

Why does this plant produce a sticky syrup on its leaves? Am I supposed to braid the new growth?

Outside United States

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Suspicious sticky sap: Sticky sap could be an indication of feeding insects, maybe scale insects. Search the leaf undersides for translucent freckles that peel off onto your fingernail. Scales prefer to live along the mid-veins on undersides. If you find insects I would use Horticultural oil to control them the best you can. Unlikely you will eliminate them. Note: scales are deceivers and look like they are part of the plant!
Should you re-braid? Yes if you have room to accommodate the larger plant. so so when the stems are green and bendable. Otherwise just keep the money tree pruned back. With proper growing conditions they grow very large.