Crowhopping In protest

Asked November 8, 2015, 2:45 PM EST

Hello I am not sure if you have any videos or training tips that can help me with this .

I have had my horse for over three years now the whole time I have had him he's done one behavior I can't seem to get him past crow hopping.

I tried punishing him, ridding it out, different saddles ,ignoring it everything . He does it both English and western on a lunge line and off. He does it with all rides of all weight differences.

I had his teeth and had a physical check on him, there's nothing physically wrong with him he is 17 years old and healthy. The vet said that he does has arthritics in his front right, but he is now on sups to help with that and acts like a two year old again no limp no soreness acts 100% Normal and healthy. Spirited as ever.

I also did some back research on him and he used to do this when he was a five-year-old as a lesson horse, Instead of correcting the problem they aloud him to win; they gave up on him he went to an Eventing person. Now keep in mind he's the slowest horse in the world he's a lazy boy so eventing is far from what he should be used for. he did again they gave up on him and he went through three different auction houses.then I bought him from the man that had him before me.

Anyways he only does this when we ask him to move forward into a faster gate. When we ask him to move faster he will swish his tail put his ears back a little pick up his head then if you ask again he will move into the gate for a step or two then crow-hop. If you get after him and keep him moving after a few hops he's finished then he does what he is asked to do.

He also leg cues because we think the girl used to much rain that had him before me so I'm working on that but when you use more leg on him he gets pissy when you finally do get him into the next gate he will crow hop on a few times and then he stops.

Again he only does this when he's asked to move into a faster gate , so from a walk to a trot, and a trot to canter. He will ignore your cue at first like he is saying "No I dont wanna do that." when you keep asking and egging him on he finally does but that is when the hopping starts.

I heard it can be a learned behavior or a quark he has but either way I wanna learn how to teach him not to do it under saddle.

Then he's fine but I want him to not do it at all any ideas or suggestions

Columbia County Pennsylvania

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Hello, maybe your horse has back pain, or joint (guessing hock or stifle) pain.
Have you had him checked by a vet? If so, how about a chiropractor?
If he absolutely does not have pain, then it lends me to think it is a behavioral problem, with him trying to object to your commands.
If that's the case, you may need to send him to a trainer for a month or two so they can get rid of this behavior for you and teach you how to maintain him "crow-hopping free".
Good luck!