help with Weed ID

Asked November 7, 2015, 10:34 PM EST

I have recently (1 month ago) moved into a home with 9 acres. I have about 4 acres in trees and about 4 in pasture. as soon as we got some rain and the weather cooled off I'm finding the attached weed EVERYWHERE on my property, in pasture, yard and wooded area. hope you can help me with ID. I have sheep and Horses on the property. interestingly it is NOT as bad in the small pasture my sheep are currently located.... the weed is low and creeping but sort of in mounds. Help! i can see it has really choked out a lot of the grass in the pasture and is pretty much everywhere on my property. thank you

Marion County Oregon pasture management weed identification

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It looks like creeping buttercup but not sure. Does it have yellow flowers?

If you can send a photo to my email address I will enlarge it and take a look.