breeding heifers

Asked November 7, 2015, 6:55 PM EST

Need a second opinion on breeding heifers. What are the pros/cons of breeding heifers back to.their own sire? I say no - was raised on a dairy farm and had some beef cattle also , now just beef cattle. Neighbor says ok to breed to their sire. When I was growing up on farm never seen a positive side of inbreeding. We never did it intentionally just happened at times and the offspring would end up being sterile or birth defect. Thanks for your input ,

Bledsoe County Tennessee

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You are right on the money. While you may not see a physical defect (you could see this problem), there will certainly be a performance loss. Reproductive traits are affected the most and then growth traits. For example, fertility and calf viability are reduced. Also, pre-weaning and post-weaning gains will be reduced.