Hummingbird Behavior

Asked November 6, 2015, 12:17 PM EST

Hello, I had an interesting thing happen yesterday evening at around 5:30pm. I left work here at 4700 Research Way, it was very dark, I turned on my car lights to find approximately 8-10 Hummingbirds hovering and moving in the grass in front of my car that I could see in my headlights. One came over and hovered in the air near me after I had got out of the car to get a better look at what I was seeing, then he joined his other mates together in hovering and darting in the grass. Is this their usual behavior. I have not seen them out much after late summer. The one who came close was a more dark colored one, more brownish, but it was dark and a little hard to see the colors well. I am just curious and delighted about these little guys. Thanks, Patti OSU Printing & Mailing Service

Benton County Oregon

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Kudos for such an interesting observation! There are accounts of hummers flying at night, especially in cases where there is lots of lighting near a food source, such as bright house, yard, or lot lights close to a feeder or food plant. Hummers also must fly at night for at least part of their seasonal migrations, so it's possible that you happened upon a group in transit. Keep an eye out - It would be great to know whether your local birds are doing this regularly!