Is this fire blight?

Asked November 5, 2015, 9:55 AM EST

Please see attached pictures. Trimmed a couple dead branches this spring but now see this in the trunk this fall. Should i remove the entire tree to protect neighbor trees? Please advise...

Wright County Minnesota

3 Responses

This does look like fireblight. While it can be fairly easily controlled when branches are affected, this appears to be on the trunk of the tree and therefore cannot be simply pruned out. Here is some information about this disease:

You should wait until winter to take this tree down - the cold will keep the disease from spreading.

Thank you for the very quick response... In regards to disposing of the tree what should be done after it has been cut down? Is it safe to burn the wood in an outdoor fire pit? If not, what should be done with affected wood? Respectfully, Paul

Yes, it's safe to burn the wood. Make sure that all twigs and mummified fruits are disposed of as well. Here is another fact sheet with some more information: