recommendation for source of vegetable seeds

Asked November 4, 2015, 4:08 PM EST

Hello, I am wondering if you have a recommendation for seed sources. I planted my spring crop from Burpee seeds that I purchased at Home Depot. For my Fall kale, Brussel sprouts and arugula crops, I purchased seeds from seedsavers. My crop is not nearly as robust and I am wondering if the seeds may be the issue. I also purchased some dill from but it never sprouted. Thank you!

Anne Arundel County Maryland

2 Responses

You might want to contact and let them know of your problem with the dill seed. Perhaps because of your problem, you might want to purchase seeds elsewhere. We suspect this is an unusual occurrence. We know of no problems with any of the major seed suppliers for any of the big box or garden centers. It is possible that the warm weather that we have had this fall has been detrimental to your cool season crops. There are countless sources of online vegetable seed. Johnny's seed comes to mind as a source of a huge collection of cultivars. We do not recommend one source over another, especially since there are so many good sources out there. vw

Thank you!