Seedless Hay

Asked November 4, 2015, 1:55 PM EST

I purchased seedless hay to help suppress weeds in my vegetable garden. First I covered the ground with newspaper and then spread the hay on top. I now have a garden of hay that has taken root. Is seedless hay for real or is it just billed that way?

Plymouth County Massachusetts

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I'm from Missouri so I'm not familiar with some of the vernacular from Mass. I've never heard of seedless hay but would assume it means the crop was harvested before seedheads developed. If that is truly the case, the only way it would take root is vegetatively. The only hay crop that could do that to my knowledge is bermudagrass. I'm uncertain if Bermuda hay is even grown in Mass. It is usually a southern hay source. It it's Bermuda, it could be a weed for you for a long time. Hopefully it I something else and has taken root by seeds and tillage will eliminate it.