Feral hog trapping

Asked November 4, 2015, 10:31 AM EST

My name is william luther ph#936-933-2716 pointblank texas 77364 i am trapping feral hogs on farms taking them straight to control stations spending all my resources on corral traps doing everything just like Texas a and m and usda is there any help for buying goat panels and 2x4s for doors.like to meet with an agent

Thanks William Luther

San Jacinto County Texas feral hogs

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I would sure be glad to visit with you. Our office number is (936) 628-6407. I and my agent counterparts in other counties work with our feral hog specialist. I would encourage you to call him to. He would probably be a wealth of information. His name is Mark Tyson and his number is (979) 845-4698.