Planting questions

Asked November 3, 2015, 10:41 AM EST

Hi we just bought some shallots from burpee it said to plant in the spring. Can i plant now and can the bulbs be saved? Also we bought 3 gruit trees fig, apricot and cherry can i use leaf grow or any standard planting food to start them off this fall.

Baltimore County Maryland

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The shallot bulbs can be planted now. Mulch with some shredded leaves to prevent frost heaving. We do not recommend storing the bulbs.

Fruit trees - When you plant it is a good idea to incorporate some compost or leaf gro throughout the eventual root zone of the plants not just the planting hole. You can fertilize in the spring.
See our website and publications for planting information.

Unprotected fig plants are often winter killed back to the crown in Maryland. They will require winter protection. You can surround the tree with some chicken wire and insulate with shredded leaves.
Stone fruits such as apricots and cherries have unique challenges in the home garden. They can be susceptible to insect and diseases such as brown rot. You will have to monitor for this. They eventually require a spray schedule for control. Also, Apricots are the first fruit trees to bloom in the spring and this usually results in frost damage to the flowers which precludes any fruit production.