Can Old House Borer Larvae chew their way out of upholstered furniture, or mattresses

Asked November 2, 2015, 12:34 PM EST

Our furniture was removed from our home in Whiterock Canada near Vancouver BC due a flood, and cold stored in a moving warehouse for three months. We did have a rat or mouse in a piece of furniture but then this chewing sound seemed to be in most of the furniture. We contacted a Pest Company who placed sticky mats down, eventually we found an Old house Borer stuck to a mat that was under the bed. We confirmed it by pics on Internet. My mattress has loud chewing sounds, if that is larvae could it eventually get out?

Outside United States

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Old house borers can live up to 10 years as larvae in wood. Sound of chewing usually occur with older larvae. For an insect that chew through wood, I do not expect any difficulty in chewing through cloth. Now a mattress probably does not have any wood for the larvae to infest. Are you sure the noises are from the beetles?