Does a concrete & steel building require termite treatment?

Asked November 2, 2015, 10:25 AM EST

We're building a new facility using brick and block walls with steel joist framing. There is no basement and there is no wood in contact with the soils at any location. Do we still need to treat the soils on the site for subterranean termites? My local pest control contractor says we should, but maybe he is just trying to sell me his services. (Adding the following info) The only wood in the building, really, is a wood athletic floor. We are building adjacent to a public middle school that apparently has had some termite activity in the past. My source tells me it was at the school's wooden performance stage?

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Southeastern South Dakota does have subterranean termites, but levels are low compared to more eastern and southern parts of the US ( I would recommend reading this factsheet from UNL about how to hire a termite control professional: It would be in your best interest to seek a second opinion from another pest control professional and compare their offers before making a decision to treat or not. UNL also has an extensive manual for homeowners on termites -

I would advise studying these references, comparing at least 2 offers from professionals, and then decide whether or not your property needs to be treated.