Can bats tell if you are pregnant?

Asked November 1, 2015, 8:53 PM EST

Ok so I know this is a weird question but dolphins use sonar and they can tell if someone is pregnant because they go through the stomach and can "see" the fetus. Echolocation is similar sonar... So can a bat tell if you're pregnant?

Wood County Ohio

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I do not know if that is true about dolphins, and I also can't say it's true about bats. The truth is there is so much we are still learning about bats, including their echolocation (sonar) abilities. Their echolocation calls can penetrate through some materials such as air molecules, but then bounce off of leaves, insects, and many other solid and non-gas objects. Therefore I don't think it's likely that a bat echolocation call could penetrate through skin and organs. However, the more bats' abilities are studied, the more we will know about what their echolocation calls can and can not travel through.