poultry disease

Asked November 1, 2015, 2:39 AM EST

my commercial raised hens started snoring at night I treated with tylosin for five days no change , after they reduced feeding and egg production dropped to zero and they started dying there is smelly greenish diarrhea and others lay helpless and light colour less eggshells to no shell seen .What are they suffering from? how do I put them back to production after they recover?

Outside United States

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The clinical signs you described are suggestive of various respiratory diseases such as Mycoplasmosis, Infectious Bronchitis, Newcastle disease, and Avian Influenza. However, a full diagnosis can only be made through laboratory tests which can be done at your local diagnostic laboratory. Please bring fresh dead and sick or dying birds to your State diagnostic laboratory (call your State Veterinarian) immediately for an accurate diagnosis. Birds that suffer from any of these diseases are unlikely to go back into full production. Mycoplasmosis can be treated with antibiotics such as tylosin (Tylan) but they remain carriers for life. The other diseases I mentioned are caused by viruses and cannot be treated. Please discuss your options with your State Veterinarian or private veterinarian. It is better to have an animal health professional inspect your farm and examine your birds as well as discuss a disease prevention and control program.