passionvine bug (Leptoglossus australis)?

Asked October 31, 2015, 10:37 PM EDT

Is this a passionvine bug (Leptoglossus australis)? I found two of these recently (late October). One on a fig leaf and the other on an unidentified plant with large heart shaped leaves. The both had the same back leg raised. (I thought the first bug was injured until I saw the second bug with it's leg raised.) Are these bugs bad for my plants and trees? Do they bite?

Prince George's County Maryland leaf-footed bugs leaf-footed plant bugs

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These are leaf-footed bugs, which are in a family of insects that occur in Maryland (the one you mention would not be found here.)

These are fairly benign bugs, though they do feed on plants. Occasionally they wander inside a home. They are easily tolerated or removed. They do not have a biting mouthpart.
Here is a nice site about them: