Yard Waste Bags

Asked October 31, 2015, 4:13 PM EDT

Dear Sir or Madam, I was not sure whom to contact about this matter. If you cannot help, please refer me, if possible. First, I compost what I can. What I do not have room to compost, I need to have my hauler handle. Second, up until recently, I placed my extra yard waste at the curb in the standard brown paper yard waste bags. A few months ago, it stopped picking up my bags. When I called the company, it claimed that there is a substance in the glue used to make the bags that does not degrade and, therefore, it will not compost these bags; it also pointed out that its website states that yard waste is to be placed in plastic bags. I do not know when this change occurred, but I must now place my yard waste in plastic bags and it goes in with the regular trash. Does the glue issue sound familiar to you at all? I tried several searches of the literature (of what I can access) to find proof of its claim, but I cannot find anything on the subject. Thanks in advance for your time and expertise. Sincerely, Sue Upper Gwynedd, PA

Montgomery County Pennsylvania

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If you live in a township, you need to follow their instructions on leaf pickup. Some require bags, while others do not and require curbside piles of leaves. If you have a company picking up leaves, you need to request the proper protocol to follow for them to pick up your leaves. I have not heard of the glue issue for kraft paper leaf bags. Some townships will issue or sell bags to be used in their system. You may wish to check into that. You may want to consider a rolling bin or trash can for your leaves.
For an example, see: https://www.portlandoregon.gov/bps/article/402972
Thanks, G.