How can I get rid of eriophyid mites on orchids?

Asked October 31, 2015, 1:56 AM EDT

I grow paphiopedilums, phalaenopsis, and cattleya hybrids in my home. All kinds have minute pests which I think are eriophyid mites . They are just discernable in a 30X scope. I have been treating them with Azamax which works to some extent. I have tried to rotate methods with neem and other oils and also with 1:1:2 409cleaner/isopropranol/water. Their life cycle seems to be very short and I am worried about developing resistant populations. Can you suggest an alternative miticide that will work for eriophyid mites and be safe enough to use on orchids that are watered at my kitchen sink? (I can spray outside.)

Boulder County Colorado

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This is an article I found online regarding mite (spider, eriophyid, cyclamen, etc.) control, . It lists quite a few products that might be effective. As always, read the label to ensure that the proper product is being used. It might also be helpful to treat a small area to make sure that there is no phytotoxic effects on the plants with the application of the pesticide.