Non-toxic shade trees for pasture

Asked October 27, 2015, 10:15 AM EDT

I am interested in planting a few shade trees in my pastures for shade. I have read about the many trees not to plant but are any trees or types recommended?

Any help would be appreciated. I am located in Millstone.

Monmouth County New Jersey

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There are really no recommended shade trees for horse pastures however, there are some pointers and things to consider. If you wish to plant trees to supply shade, plant the trees outside of the pasture and set them back far enough that the animals cannot browse on them as they grow. Horse will strip bark off of the trees if they are placed in the pasture and may girdle the tree and kill it. If you must plant the trees in the pasture, construct a fence around the trees to prevent access to them. Some that might work well are Hickory, Ash, Birch, Poplar, or Cedar. There is a good article from Maryland that give more details.

Good luck with everything.