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Asked October 26, 2015, 5:24 PM EDT

I picked up this beauty but I think it was improperly labeled as a Ming arilia. Any thoughts as to what it might be and also, it was beside a few bonsai trees, can this be pruned in the same manner? Thanks.

Outside United States

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What is your location? Any flowers or seeds?

No seeds or flowers. The stems are very woody.

Where is the plant located? I am not optimistic that I can find a specialist to help you.

Alberta, close to Calgary

It's difficult to be certain from an image, but it would seem to be very similar to Ming aralia (Polyscias fruticosa), which has variegated types that look very much indeed like your specimen.

As for bonsai, here is a site that includes Ming Aralia with details on growing habits and how to train: http://www.livingartbonsaisociety.org/spotlight.html#Ming_Aralia