roses! cuttings and propogation

Asked October 26, 2015, 1:36 PM EDT

I have two different roses. one is heirloom, very thorny, more bush shaped, with only 5 white flower per blom, smelling amazing! the second is very tall, climbing, magenta color. happens to have spots and funny skinny leaves in places. i want to propogate, but i have heard so much on the internet, i dont know where to start. the white rose bush has little babys popping out along the bottom. i dont know if i can just replant those? if so, when would be a good time? the tall magenta one is getting way too tall! i would like to trim the tops and try propogating from those. however, the leaves are only at the tops, not along thw hole stem. does that matter? Its obviously mid fall, is this something to do in the spring? thanks!

Lehigh County Pennsylvania

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I am going to refer you to an article on rose propagation that describes growing roses from cuttings. It is important that the roses you are propagating are not grafted onto root stock from a different variety. If so, you will get unpredictable results. Also, if the baby plants are coming from the root zone of a grafted plant, they will be nothing like the rose you are enjoying. Often roses are grafted to increase hardiness, and the plant chosen for the roots is not a good ornamental rose.