Asked October 26, 2015, 9:03 AM EDT

I live in an apartment and I have strawberries in a 1 gallon container. How do I take care of them in the winter? I still have berries growing in them.

Union County Ohio

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How do I protect strawberry plants growing in a strawberry jar?

Strawberry plants growing in a strawberry jar or other container likely will be seriously damaged or destroyed if left outdoors in winter. One option is to place the container in an attached, unheated garage in November. A second option would be to discard the strawberry plants in fall, dump out the potting soil, store the container indoors in winter and replant in spring. Day-neutral and everbearing strawberry varieties perform better in containers than June-bearing strawberries.

Thank you so much I got a few strawberries off this and they were wonderful. Thank you for letting me know what to do I really appreciate it!


Kelly Hall