Teff hay

Asked October 25, 2015, 4:23 PM EDT


I live in Vancouver WA & am looking for Teff hay to feed my miniature donkeys. I need something very low in sugars. I have tried numerous feeds & limit pasture to 1 hour, but still have trouble maintaining their weight. A vet recommended Teff hay, but I've been unable to find anywhere. Do you know of anyone that sells teff hay?

I appreciate your help!


Clark County Washington

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Unfortunately we are unable to locate hay sources through eXtension, but we can recommend that you call your county extension office Agriculture Agent/Educator and ask them if they have any contacts selling Teff Hay or an idea of where to get the hay. You can find any county office in WA here: http://extension.wsu.edu/locations/Pages/default.aspx

For low sugar hay options however, you can look for any warm season grass hay. These would include Bermuda grass hay, Bahia grass hay as well as Teff Hay. Other alternatives include using your local cool season grass hay and soaking it for 30-60 min then drain out the water and feel the wet hay. This will leach out about 30-50% of the sugars in the hay without interfering with other nutrients.

Good luck with everything. I hope this helps.