humane yellow-jacket control

Asked October 25, 2015, 2:38 PM EDT

I have a small nest of yellow jackets about 10 feet from my front door. Unfortunately, I found them by moving the railroad tie under which they were building their nest. I split the nest in 2 (and ran!) After they calmed, I turned the RR tie over face down, and put another piece of RR tie over the ground part of the nest. Since, the YJ's have worked to fix the damage. If I wait until the weather is cold and there is snow, can I move the nest to the edge of my property without aggravating the YJ's? Will the larvae survive? I do not want to eliminate the YJ's, just move them, and I live on 1/2 an acre lot so I have room for them. I think I will have to cover the ground nest with dirt and tamp it down, but I'm hoping the larva on the one under the RR tie will survive once it is moved. Assistance appreciated, Sarah Krank

Laramie County Wyoming

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Hi Sarah, You can move the nest but YJ larvae usually do not overwinter. They overwinter as adults in protected areas. I would just leave them alone to fend for themselves. You should be aware of the

European Paper Wasp (EPW) is invasive and are easily confused with YJ's. They have been found in Wyoming - if the wasps you are seeing look like the ones in the link above be sure to destroy them. Look for the yellow antennae.