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Asked October 25, 2015, 2:03 PM EDT

Hello, I am looking at a property to buy that has a neglected pond on the premises. The pond is roughly 25' in diameter and I do not know the depth, the origin of the pond, its water source, or its history. There appears to be some plant diversity, but the pond is covered with algae. The property is bank-owned and the owners have been deceased for some time; no one seems to have any information on the pond. How do I go about getting the pond evaluated and getting recommendations on its correction? I have run into this situation at other properties I've considered as well, so my question is general at this time. Thank you for your time, Joanne DeCarlo

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Hi Joanne,

We have a pond management website with a list of pond consultants. I recommend you speak with one of those companies. Unfortunately, most of the information that is missing is the information I would need to help you. I would recommend water quality be tested, you will need to find out the depth, is it a pond with a plastic/rubber liner or a natural bottom pond, the water source, the inlet and outlets may need repair. the pond consultant will need some of this information, they will ask for what they need. it will likely not be an inexpensive process but the pond consultants could give you an estimate of what you would need. any structural repairs will be expensive, plants can be managed wit a combination of nutrient management and practices such as pond buffers around the edges and even some other plant removal methods to bring the vegetation and algae under control and rebuild a more aesthetically pleasing ecosystem around the pond. look at our videos on plant management for a good overview applicable to any pond. My contact information is on the water resources website or the York County Extension website if you need more information on pond management in general.