Millit germination

Asked October 22, 2015, 7:42 PM EDT

I'm trying to grow a couple acres of Millit to graze. I've killed all vegetation, fertilized and watered. If I now throw Millit seed over the ground and water it again, will it germinate and how long should it take to germinate?

Outside United States

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This system doesn't tell me where you are in the world except outside the United States. So...assuming you are somewhere in the world that could reasonably expect to be planting a warm season species this time of the year the yes if conditions are right it should germinate and produce. That said there are some things to consider.

First how did you kill the vegetation that was in the area? If there is herbicide still in the soil this would prevent germination. Secondly is the soil moisture adequate? Too dry or too wet will inhibit germination or rot the seed. If all conditions are favorable you should see millet sprouting within 5-7 days.