wintering Iris and hen and chicks and hostas

Asked October 21, 2015, 10:26 PM EDT

Hi I have 2 questions 1- A friend gave me some Iris bulbs in late Sept. Can I keep them til spring and plant them then? 2-I have some succulents planted in a chunk of wood that has been outside all summer.I am afraid winter will kill it. I want to keep them and move it back outside in the spring. will it work to move it inside and how do i care fore them. 3- I just bought some hostas they are in a pot and look real nice can i keep them inside til spring? and do I need to keep watering them? or do I let them go dormit


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Iris should be divided and replanted in late summer to early fall. These divisions are technically rhizomes, not bulbs. If you really have a bulb, you have some other kind of flower. I would plant the irises now, water in, and mulch with about 4-6 inches deep of mulch for the winter. Remove part of the mulch, gradually reducing its depth in early spring, and getting it totally removed by the last frost--- about May 21 to June 21 depending on how far north you are located in Michigan. Here is a link on how to plant your irises correctly-

Hens and Chicks can be brought in for winter. They will need bright light, and soil mixture should be dry before watering them. Also important--- if you move them back outside next spring, do so very gradually and keep them in a shaded spot, gradually increasing the amount of sun. After being indoors all winter they will be very susceptible to sun scald. Here is a link to an article that discusses bringing succulents indoors -

Hostas can survive winter in pots depending on the size of the pot, severity of the winter, and the exposure the pot receives. Hostas do not survive well as houseplants. I found an article that describes how to over-winter your hostas outdoors in their pots:

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