trash compactor power requirement

Asked October 21, 2015, 10:01 PM EDT

i bought a new sears trash compactor rated @ 6.5 amps. i'm off grid and have a 2000 watt generator that won't start the compactor. what size generator will start the compactor?

Maui County Hawaii

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The rating of 6.5 amps is the running amperage, about 780 watts. Starting amperage is much higher. Some motors need 3 to 5 times the running amps to start. Your compactor requires at least a 15 amp circuit. that is 1800 watts. The circuit breaker and wiring can take a short term overload while the motor starts. The generator set needs to be able to handle other loads that may be turned on, the starting load of this compactor, plus about a 50% buffer. Here is a guide.

To size automatic-start units, add the wattage of all motors connected to the generator and multiply this number by 3.5. Then add the wattage of all other connected equipment. To size manual-start units, you need to know the starting wattage of your largest motor, then add the maximum running- and starting-wattage demand on the generator at any point in the system to get the required generator size.

Your compactor has a running wattage of 780 watts. Starting watts could be 2340 watts to 4000 watts.