Potted Japanese maple

Asked October 21, 2015, 5:12 PM EDT

How do I care for a pottedJapanese maple during winter?

Wayne County Michigan master gardener program

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There are numerous questions that come about with a tree in a pot at this time of year. This tree is very sensitive to Michigan winters in Zone 5 and can die if we have a severe one. Try locating a spot on the north side of the house a little bit to the east maybe 4 to 5 feet from the house. Dig a hole maybe 4 inches wider than the pot but not any deeper than what the pot is. Fill the same soil content around the sides of the pot and water well (no flooding). As the soil settles in then add a bit more to bring the level up to the soil level around the hole. The proximation to the house and being buried should protect the tree through a mild to medium Michigan winter. After the first hard frosts of November happen then you can mulch the bottom of the tree up to 6 inches deep. Any earlier will allow small rodents to make their winter homes in the mulch and live off the tender bark of the tree through the cold months. This should be a good recipe for the survival of your tree. Be sure to plant it in a protected location next year. Base your planting zone on the supposed mature height and width of the tree. Thanks for using Ask an Expert System