the "Bad Grass List"

Asked October 21, 2015, 2:49 PM EDT

My neighbor has planted Canada Rye Grass. Some of the seeds fell on my side of the fence. Is this grass safe for my cattle? I found the "BAD GRASS LIST" online on The GRASS AWN PROJECT website.

Clackamas County Oregon

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Canada Wild rye does not contain any toxins that are harmful to livestock. The awns on plants like this and others can cause eye issues when livestock try to graze mature stands. Awns from plants tend to be more of an issue in hay as it is easier for livestock to get them stuck in the eye or under the eye lid.

The issues do not occur until the seed head emerges and the seed starts to mature.


Thanks for your prompt reply. I am relieved that Canada Wild Rye is not toxic.
My biggest concern is that the awns will harm my cattle. I have heard that they can become lodged in their throat or elsewhere in the digestive tract, cause abscesses, swelling - and would kill my cattle. What are the chances of this happening?
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Chances for eye issues are pretty good when the plant is mature. Cannot give you a percent risk on the awns causing internal issues but there is always the chance.

the best advice is to remove the grasses from the grazing area.