Asked October 21, 2015, 12:14 PM EDT

Hello,I acquired a load of dry cow manure about 1 month ago. which I discovered small fire ants in same.I treated it with Amdro fire ant killer and covered the pile.My question is,which by the way I asked the manufacturer this same question but have not recieved an answer.So I hope you can help me.How long does it take for the Amdro to become safe to use in my veggie garden/I'm hoping to use the manure in the spring.

Chatham County North Carolina

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This is primarily a legal question. All pesticides are labeled for use in specific sites (landscape, lawn, pasture, vegetable garden, etc). If a product is not labeled for a specific site it is illegal to use it there.

All Amdro products I am familiar with are not labeled for use in vegetable gardens. This extends to the manure that was treated with Amdro. Since the product used to treat the manure cannot be used in vegetable gardens, then the treated manure also cannot be legally used in vegetable gardens.

You did the right thing contacting Amdro - I would persist in asking them for an answer to your question. They may have additional data that allows them to legally advise you on the use of Amdro treated manure in vegetable gardens.