Canning Butternut Squash Soup

Asked October 20, 2015, 3:22 PM EDT

I had a quick question, I know that winter squashed like Butternut Squash are supposed to be pressure canned in cubes and not pureed. But if the squash is with other ingredients and made into a soup, would it be safe to can? For instance I found this really good recipe that says it's okay to can, but they didnt' say what extension office said it would be safe.

Broomfield County Colorado food safety

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While your recipe indeed sounds delicious, there is no way to know the exact density of the soup to say for sure if it can be safely pressure canned. You are correct that 75 min. is recommended for vegetable soups but that is filling jars only halfway with pre-boiled solid mixture then adding liquid, leaving 1-inch headspace. Since we can only recommend tested recipes, I suggest that you freeze your soup or pressure can only the cubed squash as directed below, then make the soup later. Better to be safe than sorry.

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