Moldy cooking pot, help

Asked October 19, 2015, 11:46 PM EDT

I burned a dish in my favorite cooking pot on Wednesday. I did my best to clean it, and ran it through the dishwasher. On Saturday, I lifted the lid, and found that the bottom was specked with small white spots of mold. I sprayed with a commercial bleach solution, and put aside, with the lid slightly askew, to await further instructions. I have burned food before that left a residue, but it never got moldy. This dish had more oil than usual, and also vegetables, fish, and balsamic vinegar. There couldn’t be botulism growing in the residue, could there?

What can I do to make this pot safe to use?

Philadelphia County Pennsylvania

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Can you take a picture and send it to me at

If not, if you had cleaned it to remove the food debris outside of burnt material, I am wondering whether this is a reaction of the material with the pot.

What material is the pot made from...stainless steel?

I viewed the white spots using a magnifying glass and saw white circles each surrounded by a thin clear ring where I supposed the brown residue had been consumed. The pot has been sitting for a week and I am afraid to remove the cover to look again.

The pot itself will not grow mold, but remaining food particles. Without a picture, it is hard for me to tell.

You can do one of two things - throw out the pot or try to clean it. To clean, lift the lid and pour straight Clorox bleach in it and let it sit. After leaving it sit for a few hours, put on a pair of gloves and get a hard plastic scraper and scrape the bottom. Be careful not to splash the chlorine on you. Once it is removed, pour down drain and carefully rinse the bottom of the pot.