lilac in october?!

Asked October 19, 2015, 3:37 PM EDT

Hi! I have 3 questions :) 1. Today, October 19 I found that my lilac is blooming! How Is that possible? 2. My mom's orchid is blooming already 5 years nonstop-always has flowers. How is that possible? 3.I've had a huge fig tree which got frost 2 years ago, but roots are alive. Every summer its growing up to around 7 feet's, but every winter it's getting frost again. We did try everything. How can we save this tree? Thanks.

Baltimore County Maryland

1 Response

1. We can't say why it is blooming. Occasionally plants respond to environmental cues in abnormal ways.

2. Orchids can be extremely long-blooming. Your mother must have a good species in a good location.

3. Figs are not hardy at the temperatures we have had the past two winters. The top growth dies but the roots survive because soil temperatures are warmer than air temperatures. People try many strategies to protect their figs: You can try to protect your fig by surrounding it by chicken wire and filling the wire with leaves to cover the tree. However, almost all fig trees died to the ground the past two years, even those that are ok in most winters. The bottom line is that unless it in a fairly warm spot in your yard (protected from NW winds, etc.) and is one of the hardier varieties, such as Brown Turkey, it will not do well for you.

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