Vermiculture in the Classroom

Asked October 19, 2015, 11:34 AM EDT

Hello, I am interested in setting up a worms at my daughter's public school in Washington, DC. We are a charter school and not yet in our permanent location, so we do not want to do an in-ground box outside but rather small boxes that can be moved with us to our new location next year. We only have 4 classrooms - would it be best to set up seperate boxes in each classroom or a larger box or 2 that they would share? Is it ok for them to be inside the classrooms or might it get too warm for their comfort? Is DC mild enough that they will be successful in a protected location outside? Thank you for any advice that you may be able to provide!

District of Columbia County District of Columbia

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Vermicompostsing is done indoors. Redworms will not survive outdoors. See our publication for more information and bin sizes.