Heritage apple variety

Asked October 19, 2015, 10:43 AM EDT

I'm trying to track down some information on an old apple variety that my grandfather always called a "Scotch Winter." There used to be a tree on my family's farm in Craftsbury, but the two trees that are still in the general location are very different. I recall it being a very tart, late variety, but Dad remembers it as being an early apple. I'd like to reclaim the tree if possible, if I can figure out which one it is.

Orleans County Vermont

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Scott, also known as Scott Winter, is listed in "The Apples of New York" as having originated in 1864 in Newport, VT. It is described as a small to medium apple with high acidity until late in the season. It's marketing season is listed as December to May, so it is not likely an early variety. Other identifying characteristics include: short to very short stem; roundish conic to roundish oblate fruit shape,; small calyx (the blossom end or 'belly button'); striped red skin over yellow background; and flesh tinged with yellow and sometimes red in overripe specimens. I've attached a color plate from the book.
Hope that helps,
Terry Bradshaw