Cover crop

Asked October 17, 2015, 2:07 PM EDT

We had an invasion of foxtail in our pasture this year. Can I till and plant fall cover crop to help choke it out this coming spring? I have goats that can be rotated around approximately 1 1/2 acres. Any advice would be great. Our poor livestock guardian dog had to have tails removed from his feet all summer. We even had a goat get them burrowing into his mouth.

Lane County Oregon

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Shelby Filley, OSU Extension Livestock and Forage Specialist for our region has written a fact sheet that will help you learn to manage the foxtail in your pasture. Foxtail Control in Pastures and Hayland. Please contact me directly if you need further guidance on this pesky weed!

Can I use horticultural vinegar instead of chemical grass killers? Thank you for the help!

Burn down products like vinegar are not effective on grasses because the growing point is near the base of the grass plant and well protected from these sorts of organic herbcides.