Freckled leaves on my Spath

Asked October 17, 2015, 1:24 PM EDT

Hi! with the weather changes that we have had in Texas and the fact that my Spath is next to my patio door I'm wondering why it's leaves are freckling black. I water it twice monthly, drenching it once and a normal watering the other. My daughters have the two sister plants as I divided this huge plant 5 years ago after the death of my precious father. We received this plant from my cousin for her uncle as a condolence gift. She lives in Ft. Stockton, Texas which is south of the Midland/Odessa, Texas west Texas area. I live in North Texas in the Plano/Dallas, Texas area. Could the weather change or the location of the plant or the location of our homes have anything to do with my plant's freckling. My 2 daughters' plants are doing fine except for occasional dryness and when I visit I water their plant occasionally. They live across town from me. Their plants look amazing. The leaves are glossy green. Those plants are on the fireplace hearth near a balcony door that is opened occasionally but has plenty of filtered sunlight. They've almost forgotten about it. My plant gets the morning sunlight as it faces the eastern side of the house and I dust the leaves monthly. Could I be watering too much or giving it too much care? Should I remove it from the corner next to my patio door? I forgot to mention that I have MinPin 1.5 year old pups and one of them has decided he likes to chew on the leaves occasionally. I think I've broken him of the habit finally, but what do I do for my Spath in the meantime?

Collin County Texas houseplants spathiphyllum peace lily

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This plant can be subject to a leaf spot disease. Remove any leaves that are badly damaged and focus on proper care. Be sure not to overwater and make sure the container has holes for good drainage.
Peace Lilies are sensitive to chlorine in the water, so in metropolitan areas where it may be heavily chlorinated, it's best to allow the water to sit overnight to allow the chlorine to dissipate before watering the plants. They grow best in medium light. Direct sunlight will burn the leaves. Also, these plants can become root bound and it may be time to repot. Move plants into pots one size larger until the maximum convenient pot size has been reached. Thereafter topdress plants annually with fresh potting mixture.
See the attached link from Clemson on care mh