Large Tree pruning

Asked October 15, 2015, 8:20 PM EDT

I hired someone to trim this tree, but was unhappy in that I wanted more of it cut back. He refused to come back and finish the job saying that he did not want to hurt the tree. I wanted more cut back to protect the house. Can more of this tree be cut back? I wanted to make it more even.

Plymouth County Massachusetts

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This really is a question for a professional arborist. Just looking at your picture, the tree seems to have a decent crown for its size. I don't think I would reduce it much more as a lot of leaves are needed to photosynthesize and maintain the tree. By the same token, I see that one large branch that could fall on your house and do understand your concern. Perhaps you could call another arborist or two for their opinion. Their concern I suspect would be that reducing the tree's size by too much would weaken it and make it more susceptible to disease, drought stress, etc. There's a delicate balance that they are trying to keep. I think you need to get another arborist in there to see what their thoughts are on having the branch removed.

It is not only the big branch by the house, but I wanted the part facing the street cut back to be similar to the area by the house. You see how the part towards the street hangs down more? This tree grows really fast, so I do not want a major problem in 5 years. I wanted to drastically reduce its size, but the guys seemed in a hurry to get on to another job. And now that I have complained they are using the excuse of not hurting the tree to avoid coming back to take a couple of more limbs. May take them 20 minutes. Do you really think this tree is in danger of being hurt by taking off 2-3 branches? I have attached another picture from the other direction. Can you see how uneven it is?




Did you hire a certified arborist? If so maybe you could complain to the certifying board. Also did you call the company and complain? Just looking at your pictures, if the tree is healthy and thriving, I don't think it would hurt it to remove 2 or 3 more branches but again, I am not an arborist or experienced in large tree pruning. That's why a second opinion from an arborist would be more valuable than mine. I honestly think you need an experienced professional to take a look at your tree and let you know what would be best for it as well as address your concerns.