Transplanting Apple trees

Asked October 14, 2015, 2:50 PM EDT

My daughter sprouted 2 Apple seeds this spring which are now 18 inches tall. They are currently in large individual pots on our back deck. Should we bring them inside for winter or leave them outside? Also, how old should they be before we can transplant them into the ground and what time of year is best to transplant them? I attached a picture of them that was taken one month ago. Thank you, Stacey

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I would keep the little trees over the winter in a cool location like a window in your garage, and give them just enough water so they don't get dried out. Apple trees expect a cold period when they go dormant, but your trees are quite small and could use a bit more time before you plant them outside. If they look okay in the spring, start taking them outside for an hour and gradually work up to a full day. Then when the soil is warm, you can plant them.