Problem with Hellerie Holly

Asked October 14, 2015, 12:12 PM EDT

We have several dozen Hellerie Holly shrubs throughout our community. Some were planted this past Spring and others are at least two years old. Over the past two months we have had at least 1/3 of them die. The soil was tested and is 6 ph. They have different amounts of sunshine. The drainage is essentially the same. Is there some pest or other soil problem we should be looking into.

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All plants planted this spring had a great start since it rained in the spring. Unfortunately a drought followed and that has killed a lot of newly planted plants. It is difficult to water so that the water soaks in deeply enough to moisten the entire root ball. Frequently the water trickles off and does not soak into where it needs to go. There have been large moisture fluctuations for the past few years. We know of no special problem for Helleri hollies. vw