amur maple tree

Asked October 13, 2015, 1:32 PM EDT

I planted a AMUR FLAMING MAPLE tree 2 years ago big one in burlap 10 ft high..Leaves are green with red blotchs and others are pale yellow with no veins.Tree was bought in lycoming co. ..These leaves should be bright red by now not turning yellow.or still green ..No red for 2 years that i have had it..NICE green leaves in summer is in full sun and no water problems...

Clinton County Pennsylvania

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It is best to select a tree that you are growing for fall color in the autumn so that you will be assured of the color. 'Flame' is a seed grown cultivar of the Amur Maple so there can variability in fall and fruit color. There is a good chance that your tree will never produce the fiery red fall color that the cultivar is noted for.